Mayor Rahm Emanuel formally introduces the city's 2014 budget to City Council, which includes new parking fees, cable taxes and speed camera revenue. How did they take it? Paris Schutz has the details. Read Emanuel's 2014 Budget Recommendation briefing and full budget address.

The first speed cameras are officially in action. But is the program different than what Mayor Rahm Emanuel sold it as? Paris Schutz has the story. View a map of speed camera locations.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel's new speed cameras could make the city a fast buck. The city debuted its new automated camera system on Monday, with cameras now operational in four neighborhood parks. An additional eight locations will catch speed demons on film next month. View a map of speed camera locations.

In a City Council shocker, under increased scrutiny, Mayor Rahm Emanuel calls off the vote on his controversial infrastructure trust. But the speed camera plan sails through. Paris Schutz has the latest.

There's another change to the mayor's speed camera ordinance. We have the latest as aldermen consider the bill.

Image credit: National Motorists Association

New questions surface surrounding Mayor Emanuel's controversial speed-camera proposal. Paris Schutz has more on why some aldermen are up in arms.

Illinois State Capitol Building

Speeding cameras are among the high-profile items on the docket Wednesday as the fall veto session winds down in Springfield. We have the latest from the capital.