Richard J. Daley and Eleanor “Sis” Daley vote in the 1946 race for Cook County sheriff. (Chicago Daily News Photo; Courtesy of the Chicago History Museum)

Richard J. Daley’s long climb up the Democratic Party ladder began in the 1930s and was fueled by unfailing loyalty to the party – and an extraordinary series of well-timed deaths.

(Courtesy of UIC’s Richard J. Daley Library)

Days away from the 40th anniversary of his death, UIC announced it will offer a new honors course next semester on Chicago and its late mayor’s role in local, national and international politics in the late 1960s.

Forty years after Richard J. Daley’s death, Chicago still identifies itself with the man who steered it for more than two decades. Belly up to the bar and get a little taste of Chicago’s spirited history: an Irish whiskey and smoky mezcal blended drink.

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UIC Archive

Former Mayor Richard J. Daley redefined almost every aspect of Chicago during his 21 years in office. And his impact on the city is still felt today in politics, the city's skyline, and neighborhoods. A new website from the UIC's Richard J. Daley Library examines the late mayor's life through archival footage and dozens of interviews with his family and colleagues.