After a sixth straight year of gains for U.S. stocks, we take a look at the prospects for 2015. How will low oil prices and a likely rate hike by the Federal Reserve impact the investing environment?

We take a look at the growing income disparity between blue- and white-collar workers.

Figuring out how to invest your money can be a very complicated matter. Chicago Tonight takes a look at the world of hedge fund investing.

The Federal Reserve and Commerce Department are reporting a stronger U.S. economy with gains in employment, manufacturing, and exports. A panel of economic experts crunch the numbers.

AbbVie, the research arm of Abbott Laboratories, bought the Dublin-based Shire pharmaceutical company last Friday for nearly $55 billion. We break down the economic impact this move will have on Chicago.

Banks could claim nearly $200 million from Chicago if the city's credit rating drops three more notches because of existing interest rate swaps made by Richard Daley's administration. 

Chicago's $20 Million Club

We’ll talk to Joe Cahill of Crain’s Chicago Business about Chicago’s $20 million club – the small group of area CEOs that earned $20 million or more last year. View a graphic of Chicago's top-earning CEOs.

We talk with Charisse Conanan Johnson of Smarteys and Martin Dasko of Studenomics to find out the financial woes that are facing today’s young people. View a graphic of data on credit card debt, student loans and unemployment for millennials in Illinois.

Hospital Investigation

A new investigation by the Better Government Association reveals doctors and staff at Cook County's Stroger Hospital are allegedly shorting their hours and wasting taxpayer money. We discover the BGA's disturbing findings and what the hospital has already done as a result of the investigation. Read an article.

Was the former Metra CEO's big severance agreement hush money to cover a political hiring scandal? Lawmakers attempt to get answers Thursday. Paris Schutz has the story.

Local restaurateurs and economists raise doubts over the city's recent claims that the upcoming NATO summit will bring the city more than $128 million in revenue.

Lori Healey

Lori Healey is the executive director of the Chicago NATO host committee. 

Security management firm Hillard Heintze is being used by the city as a liaison between the business community and police.

Allen Sanderson

Economist Allen Sanderson is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics at the University of Chicago.

Jerry Roper

Jerry Roper is President of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce.

Sheila O'Grady

Sheila O’Grady is the head of The Illinois Restaurant Association. More than 50 Chicago-area restaurants will present special tasting menus during the NATO summit, in part to show off the city's culinary scene to world leaders.