President Obama and Mitt Romney talk foreign policy -- for the most part -- in the final presidential debate. But the two show few differences in their world view. We assess their global perspectives.

Tonight is the final presidential debate. With 15 days to go, both campaigns are targeting the undecided voters in swing states. But, how much sway will this debate have? And what are the polls saying? Carol Marin and her guests have the latest on the presidential and congressional races.

What Comes Next in the Presidential Race?

Will President Obama's strong performance at Tuesday's debate stall Mitt Romney's momentum in key swing states? With just 19 days to go until the election, we discuss the candidates' possible paths to victory.

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is riding a jump in polls after last week's debate; some show the Republican has moved ahead of President Obama. Carol Marin has the latest.

Presidential Debate

We hear what you had to say about the first presidential debate when we read some of our viewer mail.

Who came out on top after the first presidential debate? We have the analysis.

Jason DeSanto joins Carol Marin with a preview of what to expect in the first 2012 presidential debate.

On Oct. 9, PBS’ FRONTLINE will present The Choice 2012, a two-hour long documentary outlining definitive portraits of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

Joel Weisman and his panel take a look at Mitt Romney’s controversial comments at a Republican fundraiser. Was it a refreshing moment of honesty or a political gift to President Obama? Watch the web-exclusive conversation.

Now that Congressman Paul Ryan has joined the Romney ticket, Ryan's controversial federal budget proposal is coming under intense scrutiny. We look at what that fiscal plan actually contains.

Speculation is at fevered pitch as Mitt Romney gets closer to announcing his running mate. We break down the possibilities.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney makes his pitch in President Obama's backyard. Paris Schutz has more on why Romney is in Chicago, and the local business that snagged him.

One day after President Obama's public support of gay marriage, we assess the political landscape and look at how the issue may affect the November elections.

The Republican primaries are all but over; Mitt Romney is the presumptive nominee. Focus now turns to the general election and the battle between Romney and President Obama. We take a look at the evolving race for President.

Carol Marin

Illinois was pegged as a pivotal win for GOP presidential hopefuls. Mitt Romney won big, but there were very few surprises in state elections. Carol Marin and her panel have the details.

Mitt Romney (left) and Rick Santorum

Republican presidential candidates crisscross the state looking for votes. Our Elizabeth Brackett followed Rick Santorum to downstate Dixon, Illinois. Elizabeth and Carol Marin take a look at Tuesday's primary.