A new Target warehouse facility in Little Village is expected to provide up to 2,000 jobs. (WTTW News)

It is expected to provide up to 2,000 jobs, but a new Target warehouse in Little Village — on the site of a botched coal plant demolition in April 2020 — has sparked protests among some community members.

A flyer with the name and face of Adam Toledo, the 13-year-old boy who was fatally shot by a Chicago police officer on March 29, is shown on a lamppost in the Little Village neighborhood, where he lived and died. (WTTW News)

Feelings about Adam Toledo’s killing are particularly raw in Little Village, where Toledo’s family lives. We spent the day talking with residents and local leaders about their community, and the fatal shooting of the 13-year-old who called it home.

(WTTW News)

The Chicago City Council on Wednesday wasted no time in symbolically turning the page on the Trump administration by voting to expand protections for undocumented immigrants that had been stalled by the former president’s crackdown.

The partly demolished site of the former Crawford Power Generating Station, which was active from 1925 to 2012. (WTTW News)

The Little Village community has already been hit disproportionately hard by COVID-19. Now, residents are fuming about the demolition of a smokestack that gave rise to a plume of dust and particulate matter that wafted through the neighborhood.

Ald. Rossana Rodriguez Sanchez, 33rd Ward, speaks to WTTW News.

There has been no sign yet of a beefed-up presence from Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in Chicago. Nonetheless, several immigrants’ rights groups and concerned citizens are trying to combat the fear those threats have caused.

We meet three political newcomers who upset longtime aldermen – plus a fourth candidate who won an open seat in Tuesday’s election.