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At least three new cases of misconduct have emerged since the release of a report alleging systemic abuse within women’s professional soccer, US Soccer Federation president Cindy Parlow Cone said. 

Former sportswriter Melissa Isaacson joins “Chicago Tonight” for a virtual interview on Monday, April 20, 2020. (WTTW News)

On Sunday night, Chicago sports fans were treated to the much-anticipated premiere of an ESPN documentary. Former Bulls beat writer Melissa Isaacson shares her take on the 10-part series.

Melissa Isaacson appears on “Chicago Tonight.”

How Title IX changed a future Chicago sportswriter’s life, and paved the way for a championship basketball team from Niles West. We speak with Melissa Isaacson, author of “State: A Team, a Triumph, a Transformation.”

Cook County layoffs spark a war of words. Chicago drivers get red-light ticket relief. Shakeup in the governor’s office. Revived Cubs are winning again, and the Sox go on a trade tirade.

The Bulls' hopes were high going into Game 1 of the NBA playoffs. But just how far can the team go without superstar Derrick Rose? ESPN Chicago's Melissa Isaacson joins us.