In this photo provided by the University of Alabama at Birmingham, surgeons prepare to transplant kidneys from a genetically modified pig into the body of a deceased recipient in September 2021. The experimental procedure was a step-by-step rehearsal for operations they hope to try in living patients possibly later in 2022, part of a quest to use animal organs to save human lives. (UAB via AP)

Surgeons in Alabama transplanted a pig’s kidneys into a brain-dead man — a step-by-step rehearsal for an operation they hope to try in living patients possibly later this year.

Goldfish swimming, not driving. (Sanjiv Nayak / Unsplash )

A man receives the first pig heart transplant. Astronomers witness a star go supernova. Researchers identify a biomarker of depression. And a goldfish goes for a drive. 


Q&A with Dr. Stacy Kahn

Chicago Tonight spoke with Dr. Stacy Kahn, who specializes in the treatment of digestive diseases at the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital, about Fecal Microbiota Tranplants.