Instructional materials are posted on a wall of a kindergarten class in Maryland on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2023. (AP Photo / Julia Nikhinson, File)

More parents are questioning routine childhood vaccinations that they used to automatically accept, an effect of the political schism that emerged during the pandemic around COVID-19 vaccines, experts say.

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The study compares firearm injury emergency department visits for kids at nine urban hospitals across the U.S. before and during the pandemic.

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What started as a hobby to keep children active during the height of the pandemic, has since evolved into a sport that emphasizes the art of double Dutch.

Karen Alpert

A local author and blogger's hilarious take on parenting in her new book "I Want My Epidural Back."

So what if the kids have a television for a babysitter and a Big Mac for dinner—five nights in a row? They're alive. These are the hilarious confessions of Chicago mommy blogger Karen Alpert, who is out with her second book, "I Want My Epidural Back: Adventures in Mediocre Parenting."

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Halloween is here! As you put the finishing touches on your kids’ costumes (or your own—who said grown-ups can’t get into the spirit, too?), we share some safety tips for trick-or-treating.

Bullying is a national problem that can have extreme consequences. A new manual designed for educators helps them learn how to approach the topic with kids. The author of this innovative teaching aid joins us.

Kids from around the country come to a Chicago summer camp to learn to play the blues. We revisit Blues Camp.

The author of a new book tells us how to keep kids safe in the digital age.