Is Gov. Bruce Rauner's newest pension proposal constitutional? How will it impact city and state employees? John Tillman, CEO of the Illinois Policy Institute, and Ralph Martire, executive director for the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability, analyze the plan.

The political game of chicken between Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democratic lawmakers got even more heated this week as the two sides went toe-to-toe over the issue of freezing property taxes. Chicago Tonight analyzes the pros and cons of a property tax freeze with experts. 

Illinois lawmakers return to Springfield this week to vote on pension reform. Carol Marin and her guests discuss the deal, and what it would mean for employees. Read the full Conference Committee Report on Senate Bill 1 and details of the proposal.

As the federal deficit climbs, Republicans and Democrats can agree on one thing: the federal tax code needs revamping. But how this gets done is up for grabs. What's the reality behind the rhetoric of closing loopholes and raising revenue? We examine the issue.

Gov. Pat Quinn

It's a subdued climate in Springfield, as Gov. Pat Quinn proposes what he calls "his most difficult" budget yet. Can the state pass the major cuts he wants even though legislators face reelection? We have a recap from Springfield, and then Carol Marin and her panel have analysis.

Gov. Pat Quinn

Unions under fire. Gov. Pat Quinn is expected to send pink slips to thousands of state workers while the Chicago Teachers Union claims it's being treated unfairly. Carol Marin and her panel take up the issues.