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The Chicago City Council may be forced to confront the role its decades-old tradition of giving aldermen the final say over housing developments in their wards has played in creating a hyper-segregated city rife with racism and gentrification. 

In this May 4, 2011 file photo, Chicago Ald. Ed Burke speaks at a City Council meeting. (AP Photo / M. Spencer Green, File)

Four aldermen share their thoughts on how Ald. Ed Burke’s legal trouble may alter the rules and organization of Chicago’s City Council.

In this May, 4, 2011 file photo, Chicago Ald. Ed Burke speaks at a City Council meeting in Chicago. (AP Photo /M. Spencer Green, File)

Some City Council members want to put the $100 million-a-year workers’ compensation program in new hands. We hear from the alderman leading the charge. 

Mayor Rahm Emanuel speaks Tuesday, July 17, 2018 about the fatal police-involved shooting of 37-year-old Harith Augusts. (Chicago Tonight)

Now that the mayor is out of the race, Chicago aldermen talk about what that could mean for the coming months – and beyond. 

Could reports of an exam-cheating probe related to Eddie Johnson's fiancée derail his confirmation as top cop? Should IPRA be abolished? A panel of aldermen tackle these questions and more.

Efforts to pass a stronger plan making the City Council more accountable were sidelined yesterday. Aldermen tells us what happened behind the scenes.

Our panel of aldermen discuss the latest city government news, , including Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s proposed curfew change and the upcoming mayoral election.

Rising tensions within the Chicago City Council bring warnings of a new round of council wars. All at a time when a watchdog group says the city is teetering on the brink of a fiscal crisis. We hear what some aldermen have to say.