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What may look like news websites are instead thinly veiled organizations pushing partisan agendas without journalistic standards, according to investigations from the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. 

A new web browser extension called NewsGuard rates news websites based on trustworthiness, accuracy and other standards.

How can readers know whether a news site is trustworthy? There’s a web browser plug-in created by the company NewsGuard to help determine just that.

Doug Jones celebrates his victory over Roy Moore on Dec. 12.

Does Doug Jones’ upset signal a building blue tsunami that could help Democrats retake the House – and maybe even the Senate – in 2018?

It once seemed unthinkable: President Obama and President-elect Trump met at the White House for the first time Thursday. A closer look at the meeting, and what's ahead for Democrats and Republicans.

James Warren on "Chicago Tonight"

Presidential candidates are competing for a win in Tuesday's primary in Wisconsin. James Warren of the Poynter Institute joins us to talk delegate math and what that means for the contenders on both the Democrat and Republican side.

The general consensus: Last week's GOP presidential debate on CNBC was a disaster, but it has led to a lot of discussion over what sort of format and approach upcoming debates should take. Newton Minow, who has been called the father of televised presidential debates, joins our discussion.

A super bust. That is what many are saying about the Congressional debt super committee after members admit they will not come to an agreement to cut the deficit. We take a look at why no deal came together.