A recent report from the Obama administration warned that changes to the climate could lead to thousands more Americans dying prematurely every year from a variety of causes. Local scientist and professor Seth Darling discusses the challenges of climate disruption and shares his thoughts on creating a path to a sustainable future.

Chicago celebrates its 46th annual Pride Parade on Sunday. We talk with the man behind the parade and Ald. Tom Tunney about the history, security, and future of one of Chicago's largest parades.

In a whirlwind week for newspapers, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos plans to buy The Washington Post for $250 million, while Boston Red Sox Owner John Henry has purchased The Boston Globe from the New York Times Company. We discuss the future of the newspaper industry in light of the sales.

David Mosena, president of the Museum of Science and Industry, joins us to discuss the renowned museum’s future as it celebrates its 80th birthday. View a slideshow.

Saddled with heavy debt, the Field Museum is facing painful cuts. We talk with the museum president about how the museum will adapt.