(WTTW News)

The CTA issued a correction to years worth of data on worker overtime provided to WTTW News, after the transit agency discovered the records did not accurately reflect actual hours worked. The issue also highlights the agency’s slow response on public records requests. 

(WTTW News)

Illegally delayed responses are a chronic problem with the CTA’s FOIA office. Other news organizations and advocacy groups have also dinged the agency for its FOIA transparency failures. Despite not sending information on operator working hours as required, available information indicates the CTA continues to rely on overtime.

The nonprofit Lucy Parsons Labs has launched a secure platform for those looking to share sensitive documents with the media. 

Proposal Comes in Wake of Laquan McDonald Case

The delay in releasing the dash-cam video that shows the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald has sparked protests for change in Chicago and a new bill in Springfield that would amend the Freedom of Information Act to require law enforcement agencies to prove an exemption is warranted via a court order.

The Illinois General Assembly is in session. The governor-elect talks about the state budget, and we dive into legislation that could make state government less transparent.