The Bears get pummeled in primetime. The Eagles run over Chicago, setting up a crucial game with rival Green Bay. James "Big Cat" Williams gives us his take on the Bears' loss and their chances of making the playoffs. Watch a web extra video.

For decades the national emblem had been endangered, but for some lucky bird lovers catching a glimpse of this majestic animal is just a matter of looking out the window. We tell you where you can spot the great American Bald Eagle.

This spring, a nest of bald eaglets hatched in Cook County -- the first in over a century. Now, at least one of those young eagles has gone through the difficult process of fledging, or learning how to fly. 

Hunter Hillenmeyer

The Bears swoop into Philadelphia and take one from the Eagles. We recap last night's exciting action with longtime Bears linebacker, Hunter Hillenmeyer. Find out about Hillenmeyer’s new business venture here.