Pension Debate & School Closings Due to Weather

We share what you had to say about the great pension debate and schools closing due to cold weather in tonight's viewer feedback.

Chicago may soon require many gas stations to sell gas with a higher blend of ethanol.

U.S. Senate candidates for Illinois  -- Sen. Dick Durbin and Jim Oberweis -- gave a brief news conference following the forum.

Candidates Announce Debate Schedules

Republican candidate for governor Bruce Rauner agrees to a series of debates with Gov. Pat Quinn. But why is the Quinn camp calling Rauner’s debate schedule "phony" and "concocted?" Paris Schutz has the latest.

Angelina Jolie sparks a national conversation about breast cancer treatment. We take a look at some options available for women.

President Obama is looking to avoid another lackluster performance at Tuesday's town hall debate. Jason DeSanto has more on what each candidate needs to succeed. 

NATO protesters are meeting with NATO summit representatives on May 17 for an unprecedented one-hour public debate, according to protester Andy Thayer, organizer of The Coalition Against NATO/G8 War & Poverty Agenda (CANG8.)

Unrest over economic austerity in Europe could have serious impact on your financial future. Chicago Tribune columnist Gail MarksJarvis joins us to explain what she calls the "explosive" repercussions.

On Wednesday night, the remaining four GOP presidential hopefuls had their 20th debate. Did Rick Santorum solidify his surge or did Mitt Romney seize much-needed momentum? Northwestern's Jason DeSanto is here to help us keep score.