Defense attorneys for Jason Van Dyke show jurors an animated video of the fatal shooting. How political campaigns can prevent sexual harassment. And the Chicago Cubs clinch their fourth consecutive playoff appearance.


Questioning Chicago’s Crime Statistics

Chicago magazine digs further into the Chicago Police Department’s homicide numbers a year after the magazine came out with two explosive reports by David Bernstein and Noah Isackson. The reporters detailed a number of incidents in which crimes were reclassified in order to fit the narrative that crime overall was falling in the city. A year later, the duo reports that CPD continues to undercount the city’s murders in New Tricks.


Today, Chicago magazine published the first article in a two-part special report, "The Truth About Chicago’s Crime Rates", that details an investigation into Chicago’s dramatic fall in crime in recent years and how crimes are being classified. We talk with the magazine's features editor and series co-author David Bernstein about his findings. Read an article and view graphics on Chicago crime stats.

President Obama spoke at a campaign fundraiser in Chicago last week. How will his campaign change this time around? How will it stay the same? We speak with the author of a new article that compares the 2007 candidate with the current one.