A giant Bridgeport warehouse is home to the city's largest collection of vintage props for movies and TV. Jay Shefsky takes us inside.  

They closed some 44 years ago, but Chicago's Union Stockyards profoundly shaped the development of the city and the modern world. Dominic Pacyga, a local historian and former stockyard worker, tells the story in his new book "Slaughterhouse.” Pacyga joins us tonight.

Need some ideas for what to do this weekend? Chicago Tonight knows what is going on!

Accusations that Chicago Police are mishandling NATO protesters have begun. We talk with one Occupy Protester who says he was arrested and held for 30 hours without being charged.

Was a butcher to blame for a backup in the Chicago River? Geoffrey Baer uncovers some gruesome Bridgeport history in this week's edition of Ask Geoffrey.