An investigation by the Chicago Sun-Times and the Better Government Association finds that pension funds for government workers are continuing to pay benefits to some retirees long after the retiree and their spouse have died. One of the lead investigators on the story breaks it down for us.

A new proposal before the City Council aims to prevent another controversial privatization deal like the infamous parking meter lease.

A new proposal before the City Council aims to prevent another controversial privatization deal like the infamous parking meter lease of 2008, but some critics say the plan doesn’t go far enough. Joining Chicago Tonight to discuss the proposed ordinance is Judy Stevens, policy coordinator at the Better Government Association, which consulted the Emanuel administration when crafting the ordinance. 


Chicago police officers shot and killed 70 people between 2010 and 2014, according to a new report from the Better Government Association. Andrew Schroedter, senior investigator with the BGA, joins Chicago Tonight to talk about these numbers and their implications for Chicago.

The Better Government Association reports that some Illinois municipalities struggling with high debt loads and troubled budgets could be looking at bankruptcy as an option to get out of a financial hole -- even though it's technically illegal.

We look into what the City of Chicago is doing to protect the dogs and cats in its care.

Rahm and Reform

The BGA assesses how many promises Mayor Rahm Emanuel kept during his first term.

Investigation Details Suburban Police, Fire Pension Issues

A new investigation by the Better Government Association details pension problems experienced by dozens of suburban police and fire pension funds. BGA’s senior investigator Andrew Schroedter joins Chicago Tonight with more on the story. 

Investigation Raises Questions About Oversight, More

The Indiana refinery responsible for the oil spill in Lake Michigan in March wasn't penalized by regulators. The Better Government Association raises questions about oversight and the safety of drinking water.


Amnesty International is directing its attention to gun violence in Chicago and its human rights impact, while the Better Government Association investigates the cost of alleged police misconduct in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Brandis Friedman has the details. Read Amnesty International's 10-Point Human Rights Agenda, the BGA story, and watch a web extra video.

Chicago magazine and the Better Government Association break a special report on the rise and fall of Juan Rangel of the United Neighborhood Organization (UNO), and the future of the clout-heavy charter school network. Read an article and view a slideshow.

Investigation On Local Congressman

A new investigation by the Better Government Association, with the Chicago Sun-Times, raises serious questions about a well-known Chicago congressman and how he handled a sizable grant from a special interest. Where did the money end up? And were constituents ill-served? Read the full BGA story.

Hospital Investigation

A new investigation by the Better Government Association reveals doctors and staff at Cook County's Stroger Hospital are allegedly shorting their hours and wasting taxpayer money. We discover the BGA's disturbing findings and what the hospital has already done as a result of the investigation. Read an article.