Irregular sleeping habits have been linked with atherosclerosis, a new study has found. (Adobe Stock)

When you don’t get enough good sleep, the short-term consequences are noticeable — maybe you’re distracted at work or snappy with loved ones. But in the background, irregular and poor-quality sleeping patterns could increase your risk for developing cardiovascular disease, according to a new study.

(U.S. Navy photo by Senior Chief Mass Communication Specialist Gary Ward / Wikimedia Commons)

New Report Grades States PE Requirements, Policies

When it comes to physical education, a new report shows many states aren’t measuring up to national recommendations, including Illinois. Only Oregon and the District of Columbia meet national recommendations for weekly time in physical education at both the elementary and middle school levels, according to the report. 

The risk calculator included in the recently released guidelines for lowering cholesterol have been questioned by a number of leaders in the field of cardiology. We speak with two specialists on different sides of the controversy. Read an interview.

New guidelines were released Tuesday that will alter how doctors treat patients at risk for stroke and heart disease. 

Obesity. Courtesy of

The majority of Americans are already overweight. But a new study concludes that within ten years, obesity and diabetes in America will actually get much worse. We'll speak to some health professionals and take a look at the dangerous and costly expansion of America.