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Brandis Friedman (WTTW News)

Chicago Tonight: Black Voices, Sept. 22, 2023 - Full Show

Chicago gets closer to having a new top cop. Helping communities find healthy food options. And how to stop waiting for perfect with the author of this week’s book club pick. 

Alex Hernández (WTTW News)

Chicago Tonight: Latino Voices, Sept. 22, 2023 - Full Show

Is DACA in danger? A new research initiative on Latino communities. And a cumbia celebration for Hispanic Heritage month. 

Week in Review: Tent Cities for Migrants; Elimination of Cash Bail

Chicago inks a $29 million contract to build six winterized shelter camps with the same company hired by Florida to bus those people here. Meanwhile, the Biden administration approves work permits only for some Venezuelan migrants.

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Sept. 21, 2023 - Full Show

A potential path out of city-run shelters and police stations for thousands of migrants. A look at the controversial real estate transfer tax proposal. And Mr. Hamilton himself — Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Brandis Friedman and Paris Schutz (WTTW News)

Sept. 20, 2023 - Full Show

The fate of a tipped minimum wage in Chicago. The city files suit against Monsanto. Trouble with the bears. The battle between legal marijuana and Delta-8. And a local mom keeps a Mexican tradition alive.

Brandis Friedman and Paris Schutz (WTTW News)

Sept. 19, 2023 - Full Show

Riding along with a taskforce working to stop carjackings. What a city-owned grocery store might look like. And Chicago takes another step toward paying tipped workers more.

Chicago Jazz Festival (Courtesy of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events)

2023 Chicago Festival Guide

Get ready for fun with this guide to neighborhood street fests, art shows, outdoor concerts and cultural celebrations of all sizes across Chicago and the suburbs.

Sept. 18, 2023 - Full Show

The new cash bail law officially takes effect in Illinois. We look at how law enforcement and prosecutors are handling it. Why a system for handling Chicago police misconduct allegations hasn’t yet been implemented. And surprising facts about Midwestern food.

Chicago Tonight: Latino Voices, Sept. 15, 2023 - Full Show

Altercations at police stations housing migrants. The rewards and struggles of being first generation. And reconnecting with your roots for Hispanic Heritage Month.

Chicago Tonight: Black Voices, Sept. 15, 2023 - Full Show

After months of fighting in the courts, Illinois is set to eliminate cash bail. A partnership to counter violence. And 60 years since the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing.

Sept. 14, 2023 - Full Show

City Council approves another big payout for wrongful convictions. Illinois’ secretary of state on his trip to DC. And the Chicago-born former first lady of Ukraine on Russia and the future of the region.

Sept. 13, 2023 - Full Show

Why some CHA residents say they’re facing retaliation. Spotlight Politics on the city’s budget shortfall. A fallen firefighter is laid to rest. And a different kind of training for police officers.

Brandis Friedman and Paris Schutz. (WTTW News)

Sept. 12, 2023 - Full Show

Will Chicago’s tipped minimum wage soon be a thing of the past? The U.S. vs. Google in a major antitrust trial. Illinois’s secretary of state testifies in Washington. And glass art from war-torn Ukraine.

Brandis Friedman and Paris Schutz. (WTTW News)

Sept. 11, 2023 - Full Show

The city could be paying even more money for police misconduct settlements. And a brand new — although, temporary — casino opens its doors. Plus, taking a bite out of Black Restaurant Week.

Gamblers were lined up at 8 a.m. Saturday to be among the first to play at Bally’s Chicago. (WTTW News)

Gamblers Line Up Bright and Early for Bally’s Opening Day. Take a Look Inside Chicago’s First Casino

Chicagoans and tourists feeling lucky can play 800 slot games and 56 table games in the century-old Shriner’s temple at 600 N. Wabash Ave., with its distinctive domed ceilings and stained-glass windows.

Chicago Tonight: Latino Voices, Sept. 8, 2023 - Full Show

A community-run shelter for migrants closes its doors. Getting more Latinos in STEM. And the migrant experience from the point of view of a child.

Chicago Tonight: Black Voices, Sept. 8, 2023 - Full Show

Child care is heading for a cliff as pandemic-era funding dries up. Pull up a seat at the table for Black Restaurant Week. And bringing in the light with a local candle maker.

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Sept. 7, 2023 - Full Show

Meet the next top cop: a community forum for Larry Snelling, the man selected to be CPD superintendent. A preview of the Bears match-up against the Packers this weekend. And accessible art at Navy Pier.

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Sept. 6, 2023 - Full Show

Chicago Public Schools employees accused of loan fraud. Ambitious ideas for local public transit. And in Spotlight Politics: Mayor Brandon Johnson preps to unveil his budget proposal.

Sept. 5, 2023 - Full Show

COVID-19 cases are on the rise again — what it means. Next steps for the planned Ryan Field development in Evanston. And how exit numbers are assigned on the highway. WTTW News explains.

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Chicago Tonight: Black Voices, Sept. 1, 2023 - Full Show

Student loan payments are resuming — what’s being done to provide relief. What’s behind the soaring number of opioid overdose deaths. And a sit-down with the new leader of Rainbow PUSH.

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Chicago Tonight: Latino Voices, Sept. 1, 2023 - Full Show

“Seeking Sanctuary: One Year Later.” How community members are supporting migrants. Officials plea for federal help. And rebranding the Chicago flag with special meaning.

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Aug. 31, 2023 - Full Show

One year since the first bus of migrants arrived in Chicago. The start of the school year with Chicago Public Schools CEO Pedro Martinez. And a Cubs outfielder takes an artist to his workplace.

Aug. 30, 2023 - Full Show

The fight over work permits for migrants. The latest on the shooting during a White Sox game. AI finding its place in schools. And an airport art exhibit honoring veterans.

Aug. 29, 2023 - Full Show

A Chicago firefighter dies in the line of duty. Republicans calling for stronger ethics reform in Springfield. And investigating the medical records of thousands of airline pilots.

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Aug. 28, 2023 - Full Show

The latest in our series WTTW News: A Safer City. Where the Chicago Police Department stands on the consent decree. And how communities and police can build relationships.