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Supporters of Joe Dunne march with the Peirce Elementary School contingent during the Jan. 28, 2023, Lunar New Year parade in Uptown. (Credit: Uptown United)

Aldermanic Candidate Apologizes After Supporters Campaign With CPS School Marchers at Parade

Supporters wearing campaign gear of an aldermanic candidate in the 48th Ward marched with an official contingent from Peirce Elementary School in a weekend parade. 

WTTW News Explains: How Does Chicago’s Grid Street System Work?

How exactly are streets organized in Chicago? WTTW News gives you a guided tour of the grid system that organizes the city’s streets and addresses. 

Architect Carol Ross Barney speaks with “Chicago Tonight.” (WTTW News)

Chicago Architect Behind Riverwalk, CTA Stations and Eye-Catching McDonalds Designs Awarded Prestigious Medal

Chicagoans not familiar with the name Carol Ross Barney almost certainly have experienced some of her work. From the Chicago Riverwalk to CTA stations, her designs are part of everyday life in the city. 

(WTTW News)

Property Tax Investors Exploit Loophole, Add Financial Burdens to Struggling Cook County Homeowners

Delinquent properties are eligible for the Cook County Tax Sale, which is administered by the Cook County treasurer’s office. That’s where a private investor buys the debt and can make a big profit off of it.

Spring Lake Forest Preserve, Cook County. (Patty Wetli / WTTW News)

Cook County Voters to Weigh Forest Preserves Tax Increase in Upcoming Election

It's rare when newspaper editorial boards and fiscal watchdog groups recommend that residents vote to increase their property taxes. But that's exactly the case as Cook County voters face a binding question on their election ballot: Do you want to pay a little more to help fund the Cook County Forest Preserves?

Pastor Brian Phillips, Darren Bailey and Cindy Bailey at the Grove Fellowship in Poplar Grove on Aug. 21, 2022. (Credit: The Grove Fellowship / Facebook)

Darren Bailey, Republican Candidate for Governor, Campaigns with Pastors Who Were on US Capitol Grounds During Insurrection

Darren Bailey, Republican candidate for Illinois governor, has campaigned with two pastors who were on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol during the riots on Jan. 6. Bailey appeared on stage with one of them during a service last Sunday.

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A Giant Marina to Attract Boaters Was Approved at Navy Pier. Why Hasn’t It Been Built?

In 2016, Navy Pier officials asked City Council to approve an update to the pier’s planned development, authorizing, among other things, the construction of a transient marina on its north side, where boats could dock for the day. The project is now the subject of a lawsuit. 

Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin, a candidate for governor in the Republican primary, holds a news conference on May 9, 2022. (WTTW News)

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Richard Irvin Called Donald Trump ‘Idiot,’ ‘Bigoted Racist,’ Text Messages Show

GOP gubernatorial candidate and Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin has carefully attempted to veer away from any conversation about controversial former President Donald Trump. But text messages written by Irvin in 2018 appear to show he has very strong feelings about Trump, and they are not positive.

ShawnTe Raines-Welch is running for a judge seat on the Cook County subcircuit court. (Campaign Photo)

Illinois House Speaker Gets Fellow Lawmakers to Donate More Than $200K to Wife’s Judicial Campaign

Much of judicial candidate ShawnTe Raines-Welch’s campaign cash comes thanks to the largesse of Democratic elected officials who work under the political leadership of her husband, Illinois House Speaker Emanuel “Chris” Welch.

The former site of Copley Hospital in Aurora will include senior living residences, as depicted in this rendering, along with a medical facility and school administrative building. (Courtesy of Fox Valley Developers)

Richard Irvin’s Ex-Wife Hired by Development Firm Receiving Millions in Aurora City Incentives

Web of Politically-Connected Companies Involved in $128M Hospital Redevelopment

The ex-wife of Aurora Mayor and GOP gubernatorial candidate Richard Irvin works with a development team that stands to receive up to $15 million in Aurora city incentives, with the potential for millions more to redevelop the former Copley Hospital site.

Developers involved with Pacifica Square in Aurora, which opened in 2021, donated $25,000 to campaigns connected to Mayor Richard Irvin. (Paris Schutz / WTTW News)

Developers That Donated to Gubernatorial Candidate Richard Irvin’s Mayoral Campaign Received Tens of Millions in Aurora Incentives

A WTTW News review of public records has also found that Aurora taxpayers are on the hook for tens of millions in tax incentives to two other development companies that have donated thousands to Richard Irvin and political funds connected to him.

Scientel Solutions, pictured in March 2022, relocated to Aurora after plans for its tower were approved in 2018. (WTTW News)

Aurora Company that Donated Big to Richard Irvin’s Mayoral Campaign Received Millions in City Contracts

A review of state campaign filings and Aurora public records shows that a company that donated more than $135,000 to political funds connected to Richard Irvin also received millions in city contracts. That same company was also the beneficiary of legislation pushed by Irvin that could prove lucrative.

COVID-19 saliva tests are organized at a SHIELD Illinois testing facility in North Chicago. (WTTW News)

From Spit Tube to Results: Inside the Massive COVID-19 SHIELD Testing Operation

The unique saliva test was developed by University of Illinois scientists and SHIELD officials say it has become an essential tool in halting the spread of COVID-19.

(WTTW News)

Area College Providing Scholarships to Afghan Refugees: ‘It Was Kind of My Dream’

Northeastern Illinois University has provided 17 Afghan refugees with one-year scholarships to study at the school. 

Aurora Mayor Richard C. Irvin (Aurora Mayor’s Office)

Aurora Mayor Plans to Enter Republican Race for Governor on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Sources Say

Multiple sources tell WTTW News that Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin is currently planning to announce his candidacy for governor on Jan. 17, Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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Guaranteed Income Program Might Take Months to Roll Out

In October, the Chicago City Council approved a $31.5 million plan to send checks to the city’s families most in need, promising immediate assistance. But no assistance has gone out yet.

Cash Fazal, a Chicago-based Afghan American immigration lawyer, speaks with “Chicago Tonight.” (WTTW News)

Chicago Immigration Groups Scramble to Resettle Afghan Refugees

The White House says more than 116,000 people have so far been evacuated, but not everyone has been able to escape. Hundreds of Afghan refugees could settle in the Chicago area, and local immigrant groups are working around the clock to try and make that happen.

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City Extends Deadline for Chicago Casino Submissions

The process to get a Chicago casino is taking longer than originally anticipated. Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced Friday the city would extend the deadline for interested parties to submit proposals to build and operate the casino.

A person rides a motorcycle in Chicago. (WTTW News)

Chicago Residents Fed Up with Noisy Caravans of Motorcycles

Residents in and around downtown neighborhoods describe a noisy problem that has been festering for a year, and one that seemed to hit a fever pitch during Lollapalooza. But are law enforcement officials listening?

Gov. J.B. Pritzker sits down for an interview with Paris Schutz on July 20, 2021. (WTTW News)

Governor Pritzker Pitches Free College, Expanded Child Care in Reelection Push

The governor launched his reelection campaign Monday, touting his leadership of the state through the COVID-19 pandemic. But Republican opponents used the occasion to bash what they have called a “disastrous” tenure. 

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Asian Carp to Undergo Name Change

At the end of June, Illinoisans will no longer hear the words “Asian carp.” After several years and hundreds upon hundreds of millions spent trying to keep them from the Great Lakes, how can that possibly be? We explain.

A file photo shows former Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan. (WTTW News)

Spotlight Politics: Madigan’s Former Chief of Staff Indicted

Tim Mapes, a longtime confidant to former Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, was federally indicted Wednesday on charges he obstructed justice and lied to a grand jury. Our Spotlight Politics team weighs in on that story and more in this week’s roundtable.

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Vaccine Hesitancy Driven for Some by Fear of Allergic Reactions

Demand for the COVID-19 vaccine is dropping, but there is still a large population that’s hesitant to get the shot. Some of that hesitancy is steeped in politics or misinformation, but others fear an allergic reaction. We meet one Chicagoan who says she has good reason to hold out.

The Chicago Tribune Freedom Center printing facility along the Chicago River. (WTTW News)

Philanthropic Groups Step Up in Last-Minute Tribune Talks

The clock is nearing midnight for the Chicago Tribune and efforts to prevent a takeover from controversial hedge fund Alden Global Capital. WTTW News has learned there are still active talks behind the scenes to come up with a bid that could derail Alden’s plan.

Downtown Chicago (WTTW News)

Will Chicago Workers Go Back to the Office in a Post-Pandemic World?

While some people may have gotten used to the comforts of working from home, others may be itching to get out. The stakes for the city couldn’t be higher, especially for the owners and managers of the massive pieces of real estate in the city’s central business district that are still sitting mostly vacant.

The Loretto Hospital (WTTW News)

Embattled Loretto Hospital Executive Resigns Amid Vaccine Scandal

Dr. Anosh Ahmed, COO and CFO of Loretto Hospital, was at the center of multiple controversies over alleged improper vaccination events, after Block Club Chicago first reported on vaccines administered at Trump Tower Chicago to the building’s employees.