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About the Candidate

Name: Krishna K. Bansal
DOB: Aug. 24, 1970
Occupation: Business Owner
Political Experience: Republican nominee State Rep. 2014, former Republican Committeeman, Naperville Planning and Zoning Commissioner, Political Director with Republican Hindu Coalition
Twitter: @krishnabansalus

Candidate Statement

My name is Krishna Bansal, I am running as a Republican for Congress from Illinois District 11.

I am a first-generation immigrant, family man, entrepreneur, leader and a community servant.

I came to America over 20 years ago with a few hundred dollars and a dream. It’s here, I was able to start a business, employ hundreds of people and raise my family.

I believe in this great nation, its values and its Constitution in its entirety. This nation has given me a lot. Now I want to work to keep the American dream real...for all of us.

I will work for you to fight for free enterprise, cutting government spending and taxes, and making it easier for small businesses to start and grow.

Government should be small and collect minimal taxes. Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried.

I will fight for getting our jobs back from overseas – both manufacturing and services – that we have lost in last few years due to senseless policies that favored special interests.

We need to work on streamlining LEGAL Immigration while strengthening our borders.

There is no Nation without borders.

I am a firm believer in firm foreign policy. We should provide our fighting men and women the resources they need. And we should crush radical terrorism at its core.

I will support eliminating corruption from our government - term limits and fair maps will be a good start.

Most importantly, I will be responsive and work for my constituents.

I ask for your support, your vote and your help as we, together, take back the US Congress.

God bless you and God bless America!

Candidate Q&A

Why are you running?

The Democrats in Congress, Rep. Foster included, have been so focused on impeachment and policies moving our country toward socialism, that it has hurt our way of life. I came to America over twenty years ago, with just a few hundred dollars in my pocket. I was able to achieve so much because of education, free enterprise, and hard work. Now I want to make the American Dream real...for all of us. I am running for Congress because I love our country. I will promote and defend her against the threats from socialism, career politicians, and out of control taxes and spending.

What is your vision for this office?

People are my focus. My vision is to provide the most excellent and responsive service possible for the people of my district. I envision stimulating job growth opportunities, proposing trade and stem education in my district. We need a workforce in the district prepared for those jobs and an environment that encourages business to stay in the district. I envision an office supportive of local and state lawmakers looking for federal solutions to bring about a positive impact on our shared constituents. I envision an office where the safety of my constituents is supported by firm foreign policy, tax dollars are used judiciously by sound fiscal policy and the rights granted under the Constitution are protected. My top priorities for serving my district and our country will be:

-Bring back manufacturing and service jobs
-Promote specialized education, incentives for STEM & Trades
-Streamline legal immigration – Strengthen borders to keep illegals, drugs and terrorists out
-Firm Foreign Policy - America First
-Preserve and Protect Social Security and Medicare

What do you think is the most pressing issue facing your constituents and how do you plan on addressing it?

District has lost a multitude of jobs in last few years, both manufacturing and service, to foreign countries due to policies that favored special interests. My priority will be to work on legislations to stimulate job growth opportunities, proposing trade and stem education in my district while building more manufacturing units and slowing down offshore dependency of skilled labor. Along with this I will be working on reducing federal regulations and taxes to that stifle small businesses.