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WTTW’s 2019 Chicago Voters’ Guide is an online resource designed to inform voters about the candidates running for office in the Feb. 26 election. Candidates were given two minutes to tell voters where they stand on the issues, why they feel they are best qualified and what they intend to do if elected or re-elected. The messages were recorded at the WTTW studios at no cost to the candidates. The Voters’ Guide was produced with help from the League of Women Voters of Chicago.

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WTTW News Election Coverage

Mayoral Candidates Take a Nuanced Stance on Chicago’s Complex Issues

Five of the 14 candidates running for Chicago mayor participated in a forum Tuesday as the Feb. 26 election draws near. But getting simple answers to complex issues was no small task.

Chicago Mayoral Candidates Square Off at Community Forums

With the election three weeks away, it’s crunch time for Chicago mayoral candidates to get their messages across.

Amara Enyia appears on “Chicago Tonight” on Aug. 30, 2018.

Enyia Casts Personal Financial Issues as Selling Point in Campaign for Mayor

Chicago has an operating budget shortfall of nearly $100 million – a hole that mayoral candidate Amara Enyia says she has the skills to tackle. But documents show Enyia is struggling to manage her own finances.

Cook County Clerk Dorothy Brown announces her endorsement of Amara Enyia for Chicago mayor.

Dorothy Brown Endorses Amara Enyia for Mayor

In announcing her endorsement of Amara Enyia, Cook County Clerk Dorothy Brown called Enyia “a breath of fresh air” that will give Chicagoans hope.

Ald. Danny Solis (WTTW News file photo)

Spotlight Politics: Bombshell Solis Revelations Roil City Politics

Shocking news from City Hall as the scandal touches the statehouse. Political reporters Carol Marin, Paris Schutz and Amanda Vinicky dive into the story in this week’s roundtable.

Chicago Mayor’s Race: Mendoza, Preckwinkle Spar Over Ethics

Susana Mendoza, one of 14 candidates running for Chicago mayor, releases her ethics plan as early voting is set to begin Tuesday.

When Does Early Voting Start for Chicago’s Feb. 26 Election?

You don’t have to wait till election day to cast a ballot. On Tuesday, early voting will start at the city’s downtown “super site.” Find out when and where you can cast your ballot.

Spotlight Politics: Solis, Burke Shock Waves Reverberate in Mayor’s Race

How do stunning new developments in an FBI corruption case impact the race for mayor? Political reporters Carol Marin and Paris Schutz dive into that story and more in this week’s roundtable.

In this July 31, 2015 file photo, Chicago Ald. Ed Burke chairs a meeting of the City Council’s Finance Committee. (AP Photo / M. Spencer Green, File)

Ald. Ed Burke Faces Challenges in First 14th Ward Forum

Embattled Ald. Ed Burke faces lawyer Jaime Guzman and civil engineer Tanya Patiño in the first public forum of their contest for the 14th Ward seat Burke first won in 1969.

Ald. Danny Solis, 25th Ward, appears on “Chicago Tonight” on Nov. 26, 2018.

Some Aldermen Angered by Report Solis Wore Wire

City Council reacts to a stunning report that longtime Ald. Danny Solis secretly recorded Ald. Ed Burke as part of a federal corruption investigation.