How a Concert Series is Lighting Up the Night By Candlelight

“Music does a lot for the soul — and especially now,” said Dank Korenevsky of Fever.

The entertainment platform’s Candlelight Concert series aims to make classical music appealing and accessible to everyone.

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“Some are a mix of classical and pop, so we have from Bach to Beatles, we have the Vivaldi summer concerto paired with some classic movie hits. So you’ll hear from John Williams to his other surprises,” Korenevsky said.

But for some upcoming concerts, it’s all about the Miles Davis classic quintet.

The Fever Original event series kicked off across the country before the pandemic began. Since then, some changes have been put in place, including limited ticket sales so seats can be spaced apart.

“We’re temperature screening and doing safety waivers on the way in,” Korenevsky said. “We have our ushers making sure people are not bunching up while browsing for the best seat.”

Fever has also provided a safe space for musicians from the Chicago Soul Spectacular to play for one of the first times since the pandemic hit.

“The setting in itself is a plus, and then to get to play music, that I think we all hold in a pretty special place — that’s a lot of fun too, especially with this caliber of fantastic musicians,” piano player Amr Fahmy said.

“I definitely feel like there’s more connectedness going on,” bass player John Lauler said. “I mean, they’re not talking during the bass solos.”

Fever’s Candlelight Concert series. (WTTW News)Fever’s Candlelight Concert series. (WTTW News)

Concertgoers agree.

“I think you need it,” Katherine Mettam said. “Music is good for the soul. It makes you feel alive. It was so good to be out of the house and just be around other people—socially distanced. But being in music and seeing the artist be happy to perform. I really enjoyed it.”

“I think the human desire is to just share,” trumpet player John Moore said. “What you know, what you can do. It’s great to just be standing in front of people again.”

The Candlelight Concert series takes place every Wednesday through Saturday at both Salvage One and the Ace Hotel rooftop, weather permitting.

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