Could New $1,000 State Tax Drive Electric Car Owners Out of Illinois?

A new proposal would drive up costs for electric vehicle owners – by a lot.

Chicago Democratic State Sen. Martin Sandoval’s legislation would hike electric vehicle registration fees from $17.50 to $1,000. The proposed plan not only includes the electric vehicle registration fee hike, but also tax and fee increases on gasoline, license plates and driver's licenses.

“Electric vehicles – I understand about being environmental and I understand about saving the ozone layer … but you know what? If you use the roads, you should pay into the road fund,” Sandoval said at press conference May 8.

Is this a smart move to bring in more money to fix the state's failing infrastructure? Or could it simply drive electric vehicles out of Illinois?

Joining us in discussion are Jeffrey Miller, president of the Fox Valley Electric Auto Association, and Ed Maher, communications director of Operating Engineers Local 150, which represents more than 20,000 employees in the construction industry and advocates for infrastructure spending.

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