Chicago Researcher Explores Gender Politics in US, Abroad

Nearly 20 years ago, the United Nations Security Council implemented the Women, Peace and Security Agenda to formally recognize the impact of warfare on women and girls as well as the importance of incorporating women into peacebuilding activities and conflict resolution.

As the Women, Peace and Security Fellow at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, an international think tank, Katelyn Jones researches policies and issues surrounding that agenda. It was built on four principles: prevention of violence against women and girls, protection of women’s rights in regions of conflict, equal participation of men and women in security matters and providing relief and recovery where necessary.

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“My research is broadly centered on how gender is a concern in world politics and how gender both shapes policies and needs to be considered to ensure effective policy implementation on the ground,” Jones said.

In stressing the inclusion of women in peace negotiations, Jones points to a statistic referenced by the organization UN Women that claims, “When women are included in peace processes, there is a 35-percent increase in the probability of an agreement lasting at least 15 years.”

Jones is heartened by the record number of women and LGBT candidates that ran for – and were elected to – congressional offices during the Nov. 6 midterm elections.

“In terms of the changes that one would expect to see in Congress,” Jones said, “I think we’ll see more lived experiences being represented in debates and my hope is that will translate to policies and legislations passed.”

Jones joins us in discussion on “Chicago Tonight.”

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