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2018 General Election: Commissioner, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District

New to our voters’ guide? Learn what it is and how it works. The candidates below appear in ballot order. 

6-Year Term, Vote for 3

Democratic Candidates

Debra Shore“I’m running for re‐election because the people of Cook County deserve a strong conservation advocate on the Board, because I’ve been able to be an effective leader, and because water matters.” Learn more about this candidate.

Kari K. Steele
“I work diligently every day, to protect workers, promote fiscal responsibility and transparency, and ensure we maintain a clean water environment.” Learn more about this candidate.

Marcelino Garcia: Did not participate in Candidate Free Time

Republican Candidates

R. Cary Capparelli“If you, like I, are tired of machine politics that misspend your tax dollars then stop voting for Democrats.” Learn more about this candidate.

Shundar Lin
“I am running to give my family and all people in Cook County clean water.” Learn more about this candidate.

Green Candidates

Christopher Anthony: Did not participate in Candidate Free Time

Karen Roothaan
“Overflows can be a threat to public health, but they also indicate an agency that has not fully addressed the changes expected in the frequency and severity of our storms.” Learn more about this candidate.

Tammie Felicia Vinson“Acknowledging climate change and implementing strategies to address this reality are essential to the operation of the district.” Learn more about this candidate.

2-Year Term, Vote for 1

Democratic Candidate

Kimberly Neely DuBucletDid not participate in Candidate Free Time

Green Candidate

Rachel Wales“With climate change creating increased rainfall, the MWRD must approve more innovative green projects to lessen stress placed upon city sewer systems.” Learn more about this candidate.

2-Year Term, Vote for 1

Democratic Candidate

M. Cameron “Cam” Davis“I want to make our region the green infrastructure capital of the world.” Learn more about this candidate.

Green Candidate

Geoffrey Cubbage“We know our water isn’t as clean as it should be – only two of our seven wastewater treatment plants even use an industry-standard third-stage disinfectant treatment.” Learn more about this candidate.

About Candidate Free Time

WTTW’s 2018 Voters’ Guide to the General Election is an online resource designed to inform voters about the candidates running for office in the Nov. 6 election.

Candidates were given two minutes to tell voters where they stand on the issues, why they feel they are best qualified and what they intend to do if elected or re-elected. The messages were recorded at the WTTW studios at no cost to the candidates.

The Voters’ Guide is an online version of Candidate Free Time, pioneered by WTTW in the 1992 race for U.S. Senate. This year’s Candidate Free Time is produced with and underwritten in part by the League of Women Voters of Cook County.

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