Rebel Defeat in Aleppo Underscores U.S. Policy Failure

What, if anything, can and should the United States do to help end the conflict in Syria and stabilize the region?

With the defeat of rebel forces in Aleppo, refugees are now streaming out of what was once Syria’s most populous city.

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Now that government forces, backed by Russia and Iran, are in the ascendancy, what does the U.S. need to do to protect its interests in the region?

Joining host Phil Ponce to look at the implications of events in Syria are:

Saeid Golkar, a visiting fellow for Iran policy at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and an adjunct professor for the Middle East and North African studies program at Northwestern University; and John Mearsheimer, political science professor and the co-director of the Program on International Security Policy at the University of Chicago who is an expert on U.S. foreign policy.

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