The Murder of Valerie Percy: ‘Cloud Over Kenilworth’ Remains Unsolved

Sunday marks the 50th anniversary of the murder of Valerie Percy.

Many Chicagoans may not remember the details of the unthinkable crime, but the name is sure to spark some memories. Her murder on the North Shore was national news because her father, Charles Percy, was running for U.S. Senate at the time of her death. Percy won the seat less than two months later and would go on to serve three terms, but neither his wealth nor his high-profile name could help track down his daughter’s killer.

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Ten years ago, the late John Callaway brought us the story of Valerie Percy’s death and the investigation surrounding it.

“Charles Percy suspended his campaign for the U.S. Senate and the family went into seclusion,” Callaway says in the segment. “Meanwhile, investigators tackled the murder's puzzling questions: Who was the killer? Where was the weapon? And what could the motive possibly be?

“Police continued to question suspects, follow leads and study the little evidence they had. The investigation was stalling, and Percy's $50,000 reward seemed only to result in more dead-end leads. It was a cloud over Kenilworth, and residents grew weary of its shadow.”

To mark this weekend’s milestone, we revisit the tragedy.

More on the story

David Miller is still Kenilworth Police Chief. Just Wednesday, officials released some documents related to the Percy investigation. There had been a request for information, but the documents were heavily redacted, the Kennilworth Police claiming the investigation was ongoing, and the release of most information could compromise the case.

Next month a judge is expected to rule on the release of the 20,000-page case file.

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