‘Wild Travels’ Returns, Reveals Stranger Places to Visit

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Last season, "Wild Travels" took viewers to unusual destinations around the U.S.—everywhere from a neon boneyard to a parade that doesn't move.

In the new season debuting on WTTW 11 this weekend, the show visits a windswept mountain, a band of mermaids and bears witness to an ice cream catastrophe.

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“Last season we spent a lot of time in California, and the South and parts of the Midwest,” said executive producer Harvey Moshman. “This season, we spent a lot of time in the East: lot of pieces in Central Florida, New England, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Oklahoma … Colorado.”

“All over the map like a bad rash, Phil,” host Will Clinger added.

Below, watch a trailer for the season.

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Dec. 30, 2014: The team behind "Wild Chicago's" unusual take on the Windy City takes its act on the road in a show called "Wild Travels," debuting on WTTW11 in January. We'll talk with producer Harvey Moshman and host Will Clinger about the hangover doctor, the neon boneyard, the pinball museum, and much more.

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