Incumbents Safe, Few Surprises in Illinois’ US House Races

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As expected, no incumbent congressman in the Chicago metro area appears to have been knocked off the general election ballot by primary challengers.

Democratic businessman Raja Krishnamoorthi’s closest opponent has conceded in the primary race to succeed Tammy Duckworth, who easily locked up her U.S. Senate nomination.

On the Republican side, incumbent Peter Roskam easily survived a challenge from the right, while the GOP race to face Democratic Congressman Bill Foster is surprisingly close.

District 1

With a majority of precincts reporting, Democratic Rep. Bobby Rush easily held off a challenge from former friend and supporter Ald. Howard Brookins (21st Ward) and from Patrick Brutus, who works in community development for the city of Chicago. Rush and Brookins were contentious opponents, with Brookins challenging Rush’s nominating petitions and calling the longtime congressman out of touch. Rush has countered that he’s still passionate about the job and has only been sidelined because of health and family issues.

August (O’Neill) Deuser took a quick and massive lead over Jimmy Lee Tillman, II in the race for the Republican nomination, but the district is strongly Democratic.

Democratic     Votes         Percentage     
Bobby L. Rush 123,913 71%
O. Patrick Brutus 16,218 9%
Howard B. Brookins, Jr. 33,416 19%
Republican Votes Percentage
August (O'Neill) Deuser 24,172 74%
Jimmy Lee Tillman, II 8,529 26%
Percentage reporting: 99%

District 2 | Back to top

Incumbent Rep. Robin Kelly easily bested three Democratic challengers: first-time candidate Dorian C.L. Myrickes, as well as Marcus Lewis and Charles Rayburn, both of whom have unsuccessfully run to represent the district in the past. The well-regarded Kelly, who was first elected to replace Jesse Jackson, Jr. in 2013, handily won both that election and her 2014 race to serve a full term.

In a Facebook post, Kelly thanked her supporters in the district. “The overwhelming turnout and vote in my favor over my three primary opponents is very humbling,” she wrote. “Looking forward to the general election in November.”

Republican John F. Morrow was unopposed in his primary, but the district is strongly Democratic.

Democratic      Votes          Percentage     
Marcus Lewis 24,677 16%
Robin Kelly 112,944 74%
Dorian C.L. Myrickes 5,829 4%
Charles Rayburn 9,330 6%
Republican Votes Percentage
John F. Morrow 26,945
Percentage reporting: 99.8%

District 3 | Back to top

Incumbent Democratic Congressman Daniel Lipinksi ran unopposed in the primary. There are no Republican candidates.

District 4Back to top

With most of the votes in, Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez had no trouble holding off his primary challenger. The fiery lawmaker, who’s been in office since 1993, has long been active on immigration reform and has a national profile. (He was part of a group of Latino leaders in Chicago who denounced Donald Trump’s recent rally at UIC the candidate cancelled after scuffles between Trump supporters and opponents.) Gutierrez faced a challenge from Javier Salas, a former radio host and advisor to Gov. Pat Quinn. Gutierrez was endorsed by the Sun-Times and the Tribune, and significantly out-fundraised Salas.

Democratic      Votes          Percentage     
Luis V. Gutierrez 89,658 75%
Javier Salas 29,485 25%
Republican Votes Percentage
No candidate
Percentage reporting: 98%

District 5 Back to top

Incumbent Democratic Rep. Mike Quigley ran unopposed in the primary. There are no Republican candidates.

District 6Back to top

Incumbent Republican Peter Roskam had no trouble defeating a challenge from the right for his House seat.

Gordon (Jay) Kinzler argued Roskam isn’t conservative enough for the west and northwest suburban 6th District. Roskam, who’s served since 2007, massively out-fundraised Kinzler and sailed to victory.

On the Democratic side, professional mediator Amanda Howland picked up endorsements from the Daily Herald, Chicago Sun-Times, and the Chicago Tribune in her primary race against Robert Marshall, a doctor who has run for Congress several times as a Democrat, Republican and Libertarian. With a majority of precincts reporting, Howland held a comfortable lead.

Democratic      Votes          Percentage     
Robert Marshall 24,587 33%
Amanda Howland 50,256 67%
Republican Votes Percentage
Peter J. Roskam 82,213 69%
Gordon (Jay) Kinzler 37,373 31%
Percentage reporting: 100%

District 7Back to top

Incumbent Democrat Danny Davis easily defeated his challenger, veteran and nonprofit consultant Thomas Day. The Sun-Times called Day “an impressive young man,” writing that it expects to see more of him, but both the Sun-Times and the Tribune endorsed the Congressman. Davis, first elected in 1997, out-raised and outspent Day and faces no Republican challenger in the general election.

Democratic      Votes          Percentage     
Danny K. Davis 133,291 81%
Thomas Day 30,548 19%
Republican Votes Percentage
No candidate
Percentage reporting: 98%

District 8Back to top

Raja Krishnamoorthi’s nearest Democratic challenger conceded Tuesday night after the Schaumburg small businessman took a strong early lead in the race to replace outgoing Congresswoman and U.S. Senate candidate Tammy Duckworth.

After early results showed Krishnamoorthi with a healthy lead, supporters at an election night party cranked up the bhangra to celebrate.

Krishnamoorthi far out-raised his two competitors, State Senator Michael Noland and Villa Park Village President Deborah Bullwinkel, and picked up the endorsements of the Sun-Times, Tribune and Daily Herald. (Republican Pete DiCianni is running unopposed.)

In a Facebook post, Noland congratulated his opponents on a “well run, issue based campaign.”

“It was an honor to debate the issues with such informed opponents,” Noland wrote, “and while we didn’t always agree, we all offered a progressive message of how to move our country forward. I look forward to supporting the entire Democratic ticket in November.

Democratic      Votes          Percentage     
Michael Noland 22,470 29%
Raja Krishnamoorthi 43,945 57%
Deborah M. Bullwinkel 10,734 14%
Republican Votes Percentage
Peter 'Pete' DiCianni 50,254
Percentage reporting: 100%

District 9Back to top

Incumbent Rep. Jan Schakowsky ran unopposed in the Democratic primary, as did Joan Lasonde on the Republican side. Schakowsky was first elected in 1998. The district is comfortably Democratic.

District 10Back to top

Incumbent Rep. Bob Dold ran unopposed in the Republican primary. On the Democratic side, Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering faced Brad Schneider, who previously represented the district and is looking for a rematch with Dold. Schneider bested Rotering by a few thousand votes.

Democratic      Votes          Percentage     
Brad Schneider 42,578 55%
Nancy Rotering 35,275 45%
Republican Votes Percentage
Robert Dold 51,847

Percentage reporting: 100%

District 11Back to top

Rep. Bill Foster ran unopposed in the Democratic primary.

In a surprise on the Republican side, DuPage County Board Member Tonia Khouri is neck-and-neck with medical doctor Nick Stella. Khouri had the support of the local party establishment, while Stella and particle physicist Herman White (a former Fermilab colleague of Bill Foster’s) were both outsider candidates.

Democratic      Votes          Percentage     
Bill Foster 71,442
Republican Votes Percentage
Tonia Khouri 20,798 37%
Herman B. White 14,729 26%
Nick Stella 20,725 37%
Percentage reporting: 100%

District 14 | Back to top

Rep. Randy Hultgren ran unopposed in the GOP primary in this Republican-advantage district. Three Democrats are running: John Hosta, Jesse Maggitt and Jim Walz, who was leading in the first rounds of results and was endorsed by the Daily Herald, Tribune and Sun-Times.

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