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What Questions Do You Have for Mayor Emanuel?

Mayor Rahm Emanuel joins “Chicago Tonight” on Tuesday, the eve of the City Council meeting that will determine whether his budget–and the record property tax hike it contains–can survive a vote by aldermen who may be hesitant about the dramatic fiscal plan.

We’ll ask Emanuel about tweaks he’s made since proposing the budget, and whether the hundreds of millions of dollars in state money he’s relying on are likely to come through given the deadlock in Springfield.

What do you want to ask the mayor? Share your questions with us in the comments section below or join the conversation on Facebook. You can even post a video of your question to our Facebook page, and we may use it on the air!

Emanuel most recently sat down with "Chicago Tonight" correspondent and segment host Eddie Arruza on Sept. 24 to defend his "last resort" budget. Listen to the discussion below.