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Illinois Senate Expected to Consider Temporary Budget

The Illinois Senate is back in session Tuesday. This week’s showdown is centered on who will keep state workers paid: the Democrat-controlled General Assembly or Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner.

The Senate could pick up a temporary, one-month budget approved last week by the House that’s partly aimed at keeping paychecks flowing, but Rauner says he does not support that measure.

Instead, Republican Comptroller Leslie Munger says she will issue checks Wednesday despite an ongoing court battle over whether it’s legal to pay workers without a state budget. Democrat Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan argues such a move is a violation of the state’s constitution. A Cook County judge agreed with Madigan, but a judge in downstate St. Clair County sided with Munger. Madigan has appealed to the state Supreme Court. 

Meanwhile, state senators will hold a hearing Tuesday on Rauner’s proposed changes to the state’s Community Care program, which helps seniors stay out of nursing homes by providing at-home services. Rauner is proposing changes to the “determination of need” score that decides who is eligible for services. The governor proposes raising the eligibility score from 29 to 37 points, which Democrat lawmakers say will leave thousands of seniors without care. 

Members of the Illinois House of Representatives on July 9 approved the emergency one-month budget by a vote of 71-7 (with 21 voting present). See how each of the representatives voted.

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