Sky Full of Cranes

Every year at this time, Sandhill Cranes migrate south. But this year, the skies over Chicago seem to be full of them. Field Museum ornithologist Josh Engel explains why. And, he tells us about the Sandhill Crane gathering spot less than two hours south of Chicago where more than 8,000 cranes were spotted just last week.

View the interactive graphics below to learn more about Sandhill Cranes. Click on the red dots for fun facts on habitat, nesting, behavior and more.

Sandhill Cranes: Fun Facts

Sandhill Cranes At a Glance

-- Source: The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, All About Birds; Photos courtesy of wildlife photographer Jerry Goldner

View a slideshow of photos taken by Goldner.

Watch a video of Sandhill Crane Migration over Chicago, shot by Goldner.