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City Launches TIF Map

City finance wonks, and anyone else interested in Tax Increment Financing (TIFs), have a new site to search for projects across Chicago.

The city launched TIF Portal Friday, an interactive map of the city identifying where ongoing projects are located and how much is being spent. Users will be able to search by address, or select individual TIF districts to see how funds are being used in a larger area.

According to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office, TIF Portal is part of a series of TIF reforms to improve accountability and make information regarding the TIF program more accessible.

“This critical reform will strengthen the transparency and accountability involved in TIF projects, and will help the city focus programs on job creation and economic development,” Emanuel said in a news release.

Derek Eder, co-founder of civic hacking group Open City, says this will be a powerful resource, especially for watchdog groups.

“It’s good that they have this, instead of trying to get a spreadsheet and make sense of it,” he says.

Eder also says it’s a good thing that the city has taken ownership over presenting the data.

“This will allow citizens to browse, search and explore this stuff, which is really a great thing,” he says.

Visit TIF Portal to learn more.

Michael Lipkin contributed to this report.