Milk and Moon Lactation Counseling LLC in Spring Valley, Ill., is a milk depot and donor milk dispensary in partnership with the Mothers’ Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes. (Courtesy of Milk and Moon Lactation Counseling)

Demand for donor breast milk has been growing as the country continues to recover from last year’s infant formula shortage that left many store shelves empty following a host of supply chain issues and product recalls.


As the holiday weekend fast approaches, you might catch yourself overthinking the amount of calories on your plate. That's not the best approach. 

We learn about two Chicago studies showing that following a few basic nutrition principles can keep your brain agile and your heart strong.

(Courtesy of Foodfacts / Flickr)

The Food and Drug Administration announced its first major change to food nutrition labels since the early 1990s. Will the new information about sugar, calories and serving sizes help people with their diets, or do most people ignore food labels?