Our panel discusses Brian Williams and the fog of war. Can the NBC Nightly News anchor survive revelations that he "misremembered" being on a helicopter hit by a rocket-propelled grenade in Iraq?

We sit down with experts to check in on the crisis in Iraq.

Should the United States Get Involved?

With Iraq on the brink of imploding as city after city falls to fighters from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS), we talk to a panel of experts about how we reached this point and what, if anything, the United States should do.

The Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction found billions of dollars wasted from corruption and mismanagement during the war. We talk with him about what went wrong and right with the government's $60 billion effort. Read Stuart Bowen Jr.'s full report.

Iraq's ambassador to the United Nations joins us to discuss his country's efforts to curb political infighting.

Bryan Anderson

We revisit our conversation with hometown hero and Iraq War veteran, Bryan Anderson, who talks about his remarkable journey from the battlefield to leading a different kind of army right here in Chicago. 

Bryan Anderson

Iraq Veteran & Triple Amputee Hosts New PBS Show

Hometown hero and Iraq war veteran Bryan Anderson joins us to talk about his inspirational new PBS program about service and volunteerism.