FILE - A sign reading “Because of the Federal Government SHUTDOWN All National Parks are Closed” is posted on a barricade in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, Oct. 1, 2013. (Carolyn Kaster / AP Photo, File)

The federal government is just days away from a shutdown that will disrupt many services, squeeze workers and roil politics as Republicans in the House, fueled by hard-right demands, force a confrontation over federal spending.

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Federal workers are feeling the effects of the government shutdown, but what about everyone else? Local economists weigh in on that and the economic forecast for 2019.

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A handful of museums and cultural institutions in and around Chicago are offering free admission to workers affected by the ongoing federal government shutdown. 

Judge Ruben Castillo

The chief judge of the Northern District of Illinois speaks out on the effect the shutdown is having on the federal courts.

Yamiche Alcindor of the “PBS NewsHour” brings us the latest on the longest partial federal government shutdown in U.S. history, now in its second month.

Judith Hartfield has worked for the U.S. government for more than 30 years.

A growing number of federal workers in Chicago are turning to food pantries as the government shutdown enters its second month.

President Donald Trump speaks the press about acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker in November 2018.

A law passed in 1976 gives the president authority to declare a national emergency. President Donald Trump has said he’d use the declaration to free up $5 billion to fund a border wall at the Mexican border.

Dirksen United States Courthouse (Ken Lund / Flickr)

Chief judge ‘deeply concerned’ shutdown may affect ability to ‘ensure timely justice’

If the partial government shutdown lasts through next week, federal courts in Chicago and across the country may have to delay pay and limit operations.

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The federal shutdown is causing a lot of worries among government employees, including TSA agents. How workers in Chicago are reacting.

The Lincoln Home National Historic Site in Springfield (Daniel Schwen / Wikimedia Commons)

The ongoing partial shutdown of the federal government has prevented visitors from touring Abraham Lincoln’s former home in Springfield. 

President Donald Trump could begin his second year in office with a government shutdown. An assessment of his first year, and a look ahead.

Congressmen Bill Foster, left, and Peter Roskam

Congressmen Foster, Roskam on Iran Nuclear Deal, Planned Parenthood Funding, More

Congress reconvenes next Tuesday after a five-week recess, and there are some weighty and urgent matters to attend to, including yet another debt ceiling fiscal cliff. Joining us to share their thoughts on these and other issues are Congressman Bill Foster (D-11th); and Congressman Peter Roskam (R-6th).

Illinois State Capitol

This is week three of the partial state government shutdown. Carol Marin talks with four lawmakers about whether a compromise is in the foreseeable future.

State lawmakers are expected to meet this week to consider a temporary, one-month budget in an effort to stave off the devastating effects of a government shutdown. But as the budget stalemate between Gov. Bruce Rauner and the Democrat-controlled General Assembly continues with no clear resolution in sight, who wins and who loses? 

Lawmakers left Springfield for the Fourth of July weekend without a budget deal in place triggering a partial government shutdown. We talk with legislators from both sides of the aisle about what to expect if the impasse continues and what's on the session's agenda this week to resolve the fiscal crisis.

The state's failure to reach a budget agreement has caused a government shutdown, and now top officials are hashing out in court what exactly can and can't stay open. Medicaid and social service providers are in limbo wondering if they and other government providers will be able to make payroll and stay open, as the legislative standoff drags on.