Legend has it that ramps, growing wild in forests, are the “stinky onion” that gave Chicago its name. (Moira Gibson / Pixabay)

It’s illegal to forage in Cook County forest preserves. Every year, 100 citations are issued for poaching, a significant number of which involve ramps, the wild leek that gave Chicago its name.

The Chicago chanterelle is smaller than other chanterelle mushrooms and is practically odorless compared to the distinctive fruity smell emitted by other types. (Field Museum)

A restaurant-worthy mushroom was identified by researchers from the Field Museum and Chicago Botanic Garden. Meet the Chicago chanterelle.

The Amanita bisporigera mushroom is also known as the "destroying angel." It's considered the most toxic mushroom in North America. (Dan Molter / Wikimedia Commons)

Picking and eating wild mushrooms could result in a delectable treat or a deadly mistake. A fungi expert shares some helpful advice and tells us why picking mushrooms in city parks and your own neighborhood might not be the best idea.