Congressmen Bill Foster, left, and Peter Roskam

Congressmen Foster, Roskam on Iran Nuclear Deal, Planned Parenthood Funding, More

Congress reconvenes next Tuesday after a five-week recess, and there are some weighty and urgent matters to attend to, including yet another debt ceiling fiscal cliff. Joining us to share their thoughts on these and other issues are Congressman Bill Foster (D-11th); and Congressman Peter Roskam (R-6th).

The newly sworn in 113th Congress is entering the session with the task of addressing the debt ceiling and spending cuts. We hear from Rep. Randy Hultgren and Rep. Mike Quigley about the fiscal cliff deal, and what's to come.

After fiscal cliff talks, comprehensive tax reform could be next. What changes could be part of that package, and would they benefit the economy? Our panel of tax experts has more.

Fiscal Cliff Deal

We have your thoughts about the fiscal cliff deal in tonight's Viewer Mail.

The fiscal cliff is averted, but your tax bill will likely go up. We have more on what the deal means for Illinois taxpayers.

Now, What's Next?

In its final hours last night, the 112th Congress passed a carefully orchestrated fiscal cliff deal despite staunch House Republican opposition. We discuss the deeper meaning behind the deal, and the way it came together, with a panel of economists.

After four years, the Tribune Co. finally emerges from bankruptcy. Kris Kridel of WBBM Newsradio 780 and 105.9FM has that story, market reaction to the fiscal cliff deal, and more top business headlines.

Thirty-two days and counting. America is still heading toward the fiscal cliff, but will we veer off before getting there? Eddie Arruza and his guests take up how you can prepare for the worst.

Having trouble understanding the stakes of the so-called fiscal cliff? The economics editor from The Wall Street Journal helps demystify the issue, and preview what comes next for the federal budget.

President Obama had little time to relish his re-election. He is back in Washington working with legislators to try to avoid the looming fiscal cliff. We dive into what that cliff is, and whether it can be avoided.