A major federal report was released Monday giving options for dealing with Asian carp, ranging from maintaining status quo to installing a permanent barrier to separate the Great Lakes from the Mississippi River Basin. Elizabeth Brackett has the story. Read the full report.

A newly redesigned $100 bill went into circulation on Tuesday. With a new paper blend, modernized security features and an updated portrait of Benjamin Franklin, the new bill will be more difficult to counterfeit. See photos and security features of the new bill.

Defense is one of many areas facing cuts in Congress' expected sequester. Economics professors debate what this means for your budget.

As the federal deficit climbs, Republicans and Democrats can agree on one thing: the federal tax code needs revamping. But how this gets done is up for grabs. What's the reality behind the rhetoric of closing loopholes and raising revenue? We examine the issue.

William Beavers

Another Chicago politician is nabbed by the Feds. This time, Alderman-turned-Cook County Commissioner William Beavers is indicted. Paris Schutz has the story, and Beavers' reaction.

CTA Blue Line

A new federal grant aimed at speeding up travel time between Chicago's downtown and O'Hare airport was announced on Thursday. Ash-har Quraishi has the story.