(Courtesy of Jorge Pacheco)

Three-time Golden Gloves champion Jorge Pacheco became dedicated to boxing as a teenager. He now applies lessons learned in the ring to his business.

(Provided by Tim Adams)

This year, Tim Adams and Frank Smith will be inducted into the Chicago Golden Gloves Hall of Fame as the tournament marks 100 years since the Chicago Tribune sponsored the first competition in 1923.

Chicago Youth Boxing Club hosts an amateur tournament. (WTTW News)

A boxing gym in the basement of a Little Village church is on a mission to provide new opportunities for neighborhood kids. Chicago Youth Boxing Club started in 2006 as a refuge for young people seeking a positive outlet.

Boxing Club Gives Youth Hope One Punch at a Time

Now that school is out, and summer has officially begun, children can be seen running, playing, and riding their bikes down their blocks; the same blocks where you can hear gunshots, cries, and whispers of retaliation. As the temperature outside rises, it often appears that the violence that plagues some of Chicago’s neighborhoods does too. Learn about a boxing gym that helps rehabilitate Englewood’s youth.

We meet Chicago-area native Mike Lee, a Notre Dame finance grad who is climbing the ranks of the boxing world.

Chicago’s City Council is made up of 50 aldermen, each representing one ward in the city. One of our viewers wants to know when and why these wards were established. Geoffrey Baer has the answer in this week’s Ask Geoffrey.