Stories by Eunice Alpasan

April Fools! Record Warmth Gives Way to Snow as Spring Takes Chicago on Roller-Coaster Weather Ride

Snow-covered cars, April 17, 2023. (Patty Wetli / WTTW News)

In true springtime-in-Chicago fashion, last week’s record-setting summer-like temperatures gave way to a return on winter Monday, as people woke up to snow-covered cars and below-freezing wind chills.

Overcoming Barriers, Stigma Surrounding Mental Health Care in Latino Communities

(WTTW News)

Mental health professionals are continuing to bridge the gap on mental health care in Latino communities by offering more culturally competent care and normalizing conversations about mental health.

Formerly Incarcerated People Look to Turn Their Experiences Into Positive Change

Tawana Pope is featured in FIRSTHAND: Life After Prison. (WTTW)

Tawana Pope and Nicholas Crayton had their own unexpected journeys and challenges, but continue to push for a better life. Pope is the founder of the nonprofit Diamonds In The Making Outreach and previously had been in and out of jail, struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Crayton was released from prison just last year from the Life Skills Re-Entry Center.