Stories by Andrea Flores

Women working out at WWM Fitness. (WTTW News)

Woman-Owned Gym in Waukegan Reshaping Fitness Ideals: ‘I Want Women to Feel Empowered’

Owner Marybel Wilson wanted to share her passion for working out with women who might struggle to see themselves reflected in the fitness industry. Her gym has grown to include more than 130 members and serves women of all shapes and sizes.

The Chicago Public Library is celebrating its 150th birthday. (WTTW News)

Chicago Public Library Celebrates 150 Years of Sharing Stories

In recent years, Chicago Public Library has reached major milestones — becoming one of the first big city libraries to eliminate late fees and allowing more than 100,000 formerly blocked accounts to start anew.


US Rep. Mike Quigley on Ukraine’s Present and Future Aid Plans

U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley, D-Chicago, is co-chair of the Congressional Ukraine Caucus and was appointed to the escort committee for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s joint address to Congress.


Ease Up on Food Worries During the Holidays, Nutritionists Say

As the holiday weekend fast approaches, you might catch yourself overthinking the amount of calories on your plate. That's not the best approach. 

A file image of construction on the Jane Byrne Interchange. (WTTW News)

With Some Finishing Touches Left, Jane Byrne Interchange Construction Finally Comes to an End

The Illinois Department of Transportation says the interchange will improve overall commuter experience with fewer delays and crashes, while also decreasing fuel emissions.

Injustice Watch Investigation Examines Why Chicago Police Deny Crime Victims Specialized Visas at Higher Rates

recent investigation by Injustice Watch found that the Chicago Police Department has prevented undocumented immigrants who are victims of crimes from qualifying to apply for temporary status. 

(WTTW News)

Advocates Hope Elimination of Cash Bail in Illinois Results in Greater Equity

In less than a month, Illinois will become the first state in the nation where those arrested for crimes will not have the option of paying cash bail. Instead, whether someone stays in jail as they await trial will be based on a series of metrics used by judges.

Sultan Salahuddin, co-creator of “South Side,” on “Chicago Tonight” on Dec. 5, 2022. (WTTW News)

As ‘South Side’ Returns for a New Season, the TV Show’s Co-Creator Reflects on His Love for Chicago

Sultan Salahuddin is from the South Side, Auburn Gresham and South Shore specifically. Much of the show relies on organic stories that come from lived experiences. 

A number of dry shampoos have been voluntarily recalled. (WTTW News)

Dry Shampoo Brands Face Voluntary Recall, Lawsuit

A number of dry shampoos have been voluntarily recalled over high levels of a cancer-causing chemical, benzene, which has been linked to leukemia and other blood disorders, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

(WTTW News)

Democrats Push For Action on DACA During Lame-Duck Session

One of the priorities is a bill to protect more than 600,000 so-called Dreamers under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA program, which Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin aims to work with Republican senators.

Advocates Hope For Legislative Solution to Ongoing DACA Uncertainty

Immigrants protected by the DACA program, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, have been in limbo over the last few years as the program has been challenged in the courts. Now, just weeks before the next Congressional session begins some are hoping to use the lame-duck session to protect the program.

(WTTW News)

Various Factors Driving Up the Cost of Thanksgiving Turkeys This Year

This year, some turkey farmers have been impacted by avian influenza, which affected more than 50 million birds, according to the CDC. No commercial flocks in Illinois have been affected. 

A still image from a video taken of the demolition of the Crawford Coal Plant smokestack, April 11, 2020. (Alejandro Reyes / YouTube)

Environmental Advocates Push for Stronger City Efforts to Monitor and Curb Pollution

The mayor came under fire by some alderpeople for not living up to her campaign promise to re-establish a city Department of Environment. 

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle appears on “Chicago Tonight” on Nov.9, 2022. (WTTW News)

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle to Focus on Behavioral Health, Guaranteed Income Program in Next Term

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle secured a fourth term in office, defeating Republican challenger Bob Fioretti.

(WTTW News)

Daylight Saving Time is Ending Sunday. Some Want to Keep It Permanent.

The twice-yearly clock switch might come to an end for good if Congress passes the Sunshine Protection Act, making daylight saving time permanent in 2023. Supporters of the bill argue it will reduce crime, encourage kids to play outside and lower the risk of heart attacks and car accidents. However, some health experts believe a shift would misalign our bodies’ circadian rhythm. 

Burr Ridge Mayor Gary Grasso appears on “Chicago Tonight” on Nov. 2, 2022. (WTTW News)

Suburban Mayor Urges Fellow Illinois Republicans to Return to the Center

Mayor Gary Grasso of Burr Ridge says the Republican Party needs to listen to those more moderate voices if the party is to make an impact going forward in Illinois.

(WTTW News)

Local Election Authorities Combating Misinformation, Organizing Staffing Ahead of Election Day

On Tuesday, the Illinois State Board of Elections warned of a text message disinformation campaign aiming to sow confusion about polling places.

(WTTW News)

Migrant Arrivals in Chicago Have Somewhat Slowed, But Local Aid Groups Still Working to Meet Needs

The infrastructure the city and state has built to receive migrants aims to ensure individuals and families are stabilized before they move on in their journey. 

(WTTW News)

Hate Crimes in Chicago Up By 71%, According to City Report

Chicago’s Commission on Human Relations says hate crimes are up in the city by 71%. The most frequent targets being Jewish and Black residents.

A Jewel Osco store in Chicago. (WTTW News)

What Does the Planned Grocery Mega-Merger Mean for Jewel-Osco and Mariano’s Shoppers?

The Federal Trade Commission is expected to review the $25 billion deal between Kroger and Albertsons to ensure it complies with antitrust laws. Locally, the merger would combine the parent companies of Chicago grocery stalwarts Jewel Osco and Mariano’s.

Advocates Push for More Latino Representation in Politics

Despite a growth in population size, the Latino community is underrepresented in politics, with less than 2% of Latinos in elected positions nationwide. 

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Gig Workers Push for Employment Protections, Classification Change

Gig workers like ride-hailing drivers and delivery people are a key part of the modern U.S. economy. Most of those workers are contracted, and therefore not considered full employees with all the benefits included.

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Black Women Are 41% More Likely to Die from Breast Cancer Than White Women

Breast cancer is one of the most treatable types of cancer — when detected early. Despite that, it’s the leading cause of cancer deaths among Black women.

The James R. Thompson Center is pictured on July 12, 2022. (Michael Izquierdo / WTTW News)

Members of Chicago’s Tech Community See Google’s Expansion as a Confirmation of Local Talent

Some members of Chicago’s tech and business communities say Google’s expansion into the Thompson Center shows the city’s potential to grow into a bigger tech hub.

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx appears on "Chicago Tonight" on Oct. 10, 2022. (WTTW News)

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx Hopes Federal Marijuana Pardons Sends Message About Decriminalization

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx believes the federal pardons send a message across the country, “... that we need to move towards decriminalization and ultimately vacating convictions like we have done here in Illinois” 

(Michael Izquierdo / WTTW News)

Travel Magazine Once Again Names Chicago Best Big City to Visit

It’s the sixth year in a row the city has landed in the top spot. More than 240,000 Condé Nast Traveler readers from all over the country ranked Chicago as their favorite city to visit.