Tammy Duckworth (D) - Incumbent

“I’m so proud of all the progress that Democrats have made to help us boost our economy and rebuild our nation with its better roads, cleaner drinking water, and more — but it’s clear we have so much left to do.”

Kathy Salvi (R)

"Tammy Duckworth is a rubber stamp for the failed Biden agenda, and we are suffering the consequences every day: Inflation at a 40-year high. Record high gas prices. Store shelves empty of even the most basic of necessities. Out of control violent crime in our streets."

Bill Redpath (L)

“The Social Security trust fund is projected to run out in 2034, with benefit cuts of over 20% at that time. The Medicare trust fund will run dry in 2026, leading to 9% payment cuts to medical providers. We need fresh ideas.”