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About the Candidate

Name: Patricia Theresa Flynn
DOB: Sept. 26, 1967
Occupation: Trustee, Village of Crestwood, Medical Assistant in a private practice Dermatology Clinic
Political Experience: First and longest serving female Trustee in the Village of Crestwood, now serving 3rd term.
Website: Flynn for MWRD

Candidate Statement

Thank you to WTTW for this opportunity in allowing me into your home.

I am Patricia Theresa Flynn and will be on your Ballot for the race for Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioner.

Running for office was never on my “to do” list, but ROSE to my feet when a scandal involving drinking water in Crestwood surfaced, causing alarm, concerns for health, hefty litigation and lawsuits.

As a mother, consumer and tax‐payer, life‐giving life sustaining WATER was in question.

My call to get involved resulted in a grass‐roots door knocking campaign, emerging as the FIRST female elected Trustee.

While I know politics is not my passion, public service IS.

The MWRD is an unsung agency VITAL to the health and safety of our environment.

One of its responsibilities is the protection of Lake Michigan, OUR drinking water source.

My previous work in the lab of the MWRD and as well in Pollution Control provides a better understanding of the MISSION of the District.

I am now in my 3rd term as Trustee, and can appreciate the importance of good government.

I am PROUD to be part of an annual balanced budget and an engine for
economic development UTILIZING the MWRD property.

Knowing the MWRD is one of the largest land holders in Illinois is significant. Communities CAN utilize District properties for wetlands, parklands as well as commercial development; bringing revenue to BOTH the District AND THE COMMUNIITES IT SERVES.

We JUST accomplished that in the Village of Crestwood and would make retuning District properties to the tax rolls a priority.

NOW is the time to act; we are all aware that the 50‐year flood and the 100‐year flood are events happening at MUCH shorter intervals. Let’s protect the present, and prepare for the future.

Infrastructure needs early intervention in forecasting for tomorrow. Let’s ensure that the MWRD has the capability to control the flooding still happening in basements of many communities.

My goal is clear; clean water, safe environment and to protect our greatest natural resource, Lake Michigan.

Thank you for the opportunity to be on your ballot, please consider your support for me, Patricia Theresa Flynn.

Candidate Q&A

Why are you running?

The MWRD has been an agency I am quite familiar with as a former employee. The District is an engineering feat, a marvel of the collaboration of trades and professionals providing the 120 plus communities it serves with protection, safety and environmentally sound measures. Having worked at the MWRD Calumet Plant Lab/ Pollution Control it’s my hope to be part of the District’s future and carry on the mission of the MWRD. My place on the Board ensures there is fair representation for the Southland as well as the Southwest suburbs.

What is your vision for this office?

As a Trustee in the Village of Crestwood, I have seen first hand the projects the District is capable of – the resolution of local flooding and removal of homes and structures from flood plains, resulting in home protection and reduction/ removal of flood insurance on both homes and businesses. Ensuring environmentally sound practices for the use of MWRD effluent in terms of reusable resources will be an issue to assess.

What do you think is the most pressing issue facing your constituents and how do you plan on addressing it?

I believe planning for the future is key. The District is one of the largest land holders in the State of Illinois. We need to recognize that these 50-year floods and 100-year floods are happening at shorter intervals. Let’s ensure those District properties are getting readied to handle these major events; let’s evaluate infrastructure. Let’s examine other District properties and make them profitable for both the MWRD as well as the communities they sit upon, moving from a zero-tax base and encourage towns or developers to utilize these areas for retail, commercial and park lands. This usage allows for a win/win for both the taxpayer by returning these properties to the tax rolls and a revenue source for the District.