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About the Candidate

Name: Michael G. Grace
DOB: Sept. 2, 1967
Occupation: Private Business Owner/Financial Trader
Political Experience: I am currently serving my third term as Vice President Trustee of the South Lyons Township Sanitary District. I was first elected in 2010.
Twitter: @Grace4MWRD

Candidate Statement

My name is Michael G. Grace and I am asking for your vote to elect me as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago.

I believe my experience and past success set me apart from the other candidates.

I am currently serving my third term as Vice President Trustee at the South Lyons Township Sanitary District.

Upon being elected in 2010, the district was running at a deficit and the majority of the sewer infrastructure was outdated and ineffective.

After board meetings and consultations with the superintendent and the engineering team, I spearheaded a project to replace nearly 80% of the district sewer infrastructure.

After submitting our plans, the district received a million dollar EPA grant to relieve the burden on taxpayers.

Old sewers were replaced, streets were paved and new landscaping put into place.

This project has been paid off and the district is currently running at a surplus.

This includes the district's fully funded Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund.

Clean water is our most valuable commodity and we must ensure that our families are not put in danger.

The MWRD has made progress but there is much more that needs to be done.

If elected, I will ensure that outdated infrastructure be replaced with new sewers and a computer driven flood control system.

I will also take advantage of today's technology and install the use of green infrastructure to reduce infiltration and inflow of our sewers and allow for natural infiltration of stormwater into the ground.

With your support we can make sure that all of Cook County's waterways are kept clear of toxins, we reduce the risk of flooding and our families are assured of the cleanest of drinking water.

I currently hold endorsements from the 19th Ward of Chicago and the Italian American Political Coalition.

But the most important endorsement is yours.

Please vote for Michael G. Grace on March 17th and thank you.

Candidate Q&A

Why are you running?

I am running based on nine years experience in the municipal water and sanitation office. Upon first being elected to the South Lyons Township Sanitary District (SLTSD), nearly 80% of the district sewer system was experiencing inflow and infiltration due to outdated stormwater and wastewater infrastructure. I spearheaded a project to replace the old system with a state of the art computer driven system. Currently, the district performs above and beyond all MWRD requirements. Additionally, the 5 million dollar project has been paid off and the district is running at a surplus.

What is your vision for this office?

My vision for office is to develop the MWRD’s infrastructure to match with today’s technology. Too often I see district’s putting band-aids on issues instead of addressing the project head on. As we take advantage of today’s technology, we will not only prevent flooding and water run off, we will ultimately save tax payer monies.

What do you think is the most pressing issue facing your constituents and how do you plan on addressing it?

Clean water is our most valuable commodity. Too often we take clean water for granted. As we have seen in recent news, cross contamination and lead in our water is a clear and present danger. I plan on first maintaining the safety of our clean water source while reducing the risk of flood throughout Cook County. As stated above, this can be done by infrastructure updates and proper maintenance of our current system.