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About the Candidate

Name: Richard R. Boykin
DOB: Sept. 9, 1968
Occupation: Attorney
Political Experience: Cook County Commissioner, 1st District, 2014-18
Twitter: @richardrboykin

Candidate Statement

I’m Richard Boykin, a life long Democrat, and I’m running for Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County. I was born in Mississippi and raised in Englewood.

The clerk’s office is the front door to our justice system. I will ensure that that  front door is wide open and welcoming for all people.

I am running because everyone deserves access to justice.

We cannot expect the current system to improve if we elect a machine politician, like those that have crippled so many other aspects of county government.

I understand what is like to struggle. Growing up we were on food stamps. The promise of education helped me to become a lawyer.

As your clerk of the court I will focus everyday on all of our citizens, especially those who are the most vulnerable.

As a Cook County Commissioner, I came to work everyday focused on innovation, equity and above all, justice. I was proud to participate in Clerk Brown’s expungement summits.

I was proud to be a leader in criminal justice reform and direct millions into restorative justice programs.

As your clerk, I will focus our resources and technology for the benefit of those who come into contact with our court system.

To learn more about how I plan to move the clerk’s office forward please visit and read the Boykin Plan.

I am Richard Boykin and I humbly ask for your vote on March 17th!  Thank you.

Candidate Q&A

Why are you running?

I am running for Clerk of the Cook County Circuit Court, because the Clerk’s office is the front door to our justice system- and I am the only candidate in this race with the independence and values- rooted in transparency and equity- to make sure that this front door is wide open for people of all backgrounds.

What is your vision for this office?

Attorneys like to talk about the outdated, paper-driven systems and inefficiencies that plague the office, and they are right to do so. But these issues can be surmounted by someone with the necessary resources and connections. Not so for those individuals of limited means and income who are forced to navigate our court system with little to no assistance. For those people, inefficiencies, delays, and poor customer service can
impact their lives beyond mere inconvenience.

We cannot have a court system in Cook County that- much like the property tax systemworks one way for the wealthy and connected and another way for poor and working people. And we cannot expect the current system to improve if we elect a stalwart of the patronage hiring and machine politics that have crippled so many other aspects of county government.

In short, our system does not produce equal results for all residents of Cook County- and my vision is to change that.

What do you think is the most pressing issue facing your constituents and how do you plan on addressing it?

As noted above, individuals of limited means who are forced to navigate our court system, do so with little or no assistance. I will come to work every day as Clerk of the Court, focused on our most vulnerable constituents: Those who cannot afford an attorney; those who may not be able to afford a filing fee; and those who come to court without a clear idea of where to go and what the papers in their hand mean. My top priority will be to work with the Chief Judge, and legal services stakeholders, to ensure our court system works for everyone, regardless of race or economic status.