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About the Candidate

Name: Barbara R. Bellar, MD, JD, MA, MPH, M.Div.
DOB: Aug. 12, 1947
Occupation: Physician / Attorney
Political Experience: Prior Illinois Senate Candidate
Prior Illinois House of Rep Candidate
Twitter: @BarbaraBellar

Candidate Statement

Greetings, I am Barbara R. Bellar and I am your republican candidate running for the office of Clerk of the Cook County Circuit court.

I was born and raised in Chicago and love our city and it’s diversity.

I am a licensed physician in Illinois, as well as a licensed attorney in Illinois.

I am proud to say I am a Veteran Major in the U. S. Army Reserve.

I have chosen to run for this office because for far too long the office of the clerk of cook county circuit court has had a pervading persona of deception, secrecy and investigations regarding corruption.

I bring a breath of fresh air to the position, and a foundation of transparency, based on the highest personal and professional ethical standards.

I am no one’s puppet, I can’t be bought, so I can just do the right thing, the ethical thing at all times.

I have experienced first hand as an attorney the redundant maze and difficulty both attorneys and citizens, as well as pro se litigants must navigate simply to obtain records and understand the legal processes.

The system must be further streamlined to serve the public, as well as increase education on simplified utilization of e-filing.

I am especially attune to the myriad of issues that victims of gender-based violence must face when trying to access the criminal or civil court system.

There has been a history of vague and inconsistent policies throughout the court system.

I plan to lead the many employees by example, in treating each person needing to use the case information services, with the utmost of respect, patience and courtesy.

Improved customer service at every level is the main objective.

I plan to further streamline technology, reduce duplication of personnel positions and functions.

I will stress cross-training, build position pride and foster a dynamic team spirit.

Candidate Q&A

Why are you running?

I have interacted with the Cook county Court system, as both a citizen and as an attorney representing clients and as a Guardian ad litem. As well, I have insight and experience of colleagues that share their experience of the system. I contend the office needs revamping both ethically (especially) and in functional efficiency. The needs of the citizens and professionals that serve them deserve to interact with a more efficient system and top dedicated quality employees. Improved Customer service at every level is the main objective.

What is your vision for this office?

Streamline technology, reduce duplication of personnel positions and functions. Stress cross-training, build pride and team spirit. Uplift the ethics from the cloud of corruption that have pervaded this office. I bring a breath of fresh air, high ethical standards. I cannot be bought, I am no one’s puppet, I am not looking for personal gain. My goal and vision is to serve each citizen with respect and efficiency. I want to heal the lack of trust and confusion that has been allow to contaminate this office. Time to Clean House and be fully transparent! 

What do you think is the most pressing issue facing your constituents and how do you plan on addressing it?

Agility of utilizing services and need to reduce the delay and backlog in basic operations and requests. Attorneys need better, faster retrieval and access to records. DuPage seems to be doing it more expeditiously. The recent rollout of the electronic system was reported to be a blitz. There may be a need to return to the drawing board.