Metropolitan Water Reclamation District

About the Candidate

Name: Eira L. Corral Sepulveda
DOB: April 12, 1985
Occupation: Elected Village Clerk of Hanover Park
Political Experience: I am currently serving my third term in office as the Village Clerk of Hanover Park. I have also actively supported candidates throughout the region in their electoral success.

Candidate Statement

Hi my name is EIRA CORRAL SEPULVEDA, I am asking for your vote for Commissioner of the Metropolitan WATER RECLAMATION District IN the March 17 Election so that I can FIGHT for OUR water and OUR future.

The District plays a CRITICAL role in managing stormwater and treating wastewater to PROTECT our FRESHWATER supply in Lake Michigan.

I have over 10 YEARS of ELECTED experience, regional leadership, and environmentalism.

I have a RECORD of being inclusive of our diverse communities.

I will make history as the first LATINA elected to MWRD.

I am a MILLENNIAL MOM that will fight CLIMATE CHANGE and lead on renewable energy.

Like many of you, MY HOME has flooded.

I know this HARDSHIP as a NEW HOMEOWNER and single mom.

We must: PREVENT floods and IMPROVE water quality by building RESILIENCE against Climate change through green infrastructure.

I will PRIORITIZE environmental JUSTICE to bring RESOURCES to disinvested communities and GOOD paying GREEN jobs for workers to ACCESS the American Dream. 

I am ENDORSED by: THE Cook County Democratic Party

Senator Dick Durbin

Congressional Representatives

Jesus Chuy Garcia

Jan Shakowsky

Mike Quigley

Raja Krishnamoorthi

And many more.

MOST IMPORTANTLY I want to earn YOUR vote.

On March 17 VOTE for EIRA Corral Sepulveda.


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Share this video and tell your friends and family to vote for EIRA CORRAL SEPULVEDA on March 17.

Thank you.

Candidate Q&A

Why are you running?

I am running for Commissioner of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) because I am a candidate that represents a vision of inclusion and that has the experience needed to ensure OUR WATER , OUR FUTURE. As mom of young kids I believe every election needs to focus on climate change, but the election of MWRD Commissioner presents a unique opportunity to bring leadership that will focus on youth involvement and protecting our planet for future generations. I am committed to equitably engaging the diverse Cook County communities in meeting MWRD's mission to treat wastewater and provide stormwater management because the future environmental, social, and economic stability of our region depends on addressing climate change to protect our access to clean water.

What is your vision for this office?

As Commissioner of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District my vision will bring forward my 10 years of elected leadership experience in engaging voters, local government, & environmentalism. As a three term elected board member, my leadership has strengthened Hanover Park's legacy in environmentalism as a Tree City USA and Arbor Day initiatives that emphasize diversity, inclusion and global impact. I am knowledgeable with the operations of both the Hanover Park MWRD plant and the Hanover Park's own municipal water treatment plant. Good governance, transparency, and active community engagement with residents and businesses are the highlights of my public service.

My priorities will be to invest in clean water infrastructure, managing stormwater and preventing flooding, controlling nitrogen and phosphorus pollution, addressing the threat of aquatic invasive species, and prioritizing environmental justice, service equity and inclusive hiring. While we have the technology to tackle these issues, what we need is greater public awareness, engagement and trust, especially from disenfranchised communities. I will work to collaborate with community based organizations to build long-term relationship building plans to build understanding, trust and resident investment needed to be successful in environmental justice efforts. Public engagement and support will also help us in advocating for increased funding from the State and Federal governments and to work comprehensively with different agencies throughout the state handling these priorities.

What do you think is the most pressing issue facing your constituents and how do you plan on addressing it?

The flooding of neighborhoods and homes is the most vocal and constant concern from constituents. I have been personally impacted by this and I understand what it is like to stand in my flooded basement with my belongings in 2 feet of water. I have dealt with the emotional, financial, and time consuming impact of dealing with insurance companies, repairs, grief for items lost, and the anxious worry of it happening again. Climate Change has been and will continue to pose a greater challenge to the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) in protecting our residents from flooding. Extreme weather rain storms overwhelm the capacity of our existing systems.In addition to causing floods, it also threatens the quality of our waters when combined sewer overflows release dangerous substances into the water.

To address this I plan on prioritizing building resilience against Climate Change by prioritizing technology data sharing investments and interagency collaboration to push for comprehensive water resource management and funding from the State and Federal Government. Cost sharing will create financial efficiencies and performance based data will create a more effective use of resources. Green infrastructure with an emphasis on nature based solutions and environmental justice will also build resilience against Climate Change in the most vulnerable communities. This will also allocate equitable infrastructure and workforce resources to disproportionately disinvested communities.